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Introducing – The Shindy

At RDEE, we are always trying to create new partnerships and relationships. We are so excited about our newest partnership with The Shindy, a new local event space in Costa Mesa. Let’s find out a little bit more about The Shindy and what it has to offer.

What is the Shindy?

The Shindy is a place for all of your shindigs and shenanigans including showers, birthdays, dinners, photoshoots, video shoots, work off sites, meetings, pop ups, and more. The ideal party size is 50 but we have hosted celebrations of up to 150.

Where is The Shindy located?

The Shindy is located in Costa Mesa, CA, but you won’t find us on a Geo Tag. 

Can I visit The Shindy?

Tours of The Shindy are by appointment only. Schedule a tour with us at hello@theshindy.co.

Where does the name “The Shindy” come from?

When we originally discussed the concept of a new local event space, we wanted it to be a local spot where people could gather to celebrate all of the events in their lives. The definition of a shindy or shindig is “a large, lively party, especially one celebrating something” and from that, The Shindy was born. It’s all in the tagline “for all your shindigs and shenanigans.”

What types of events have you hosted at The Shindy?

We have already hosted some wonderful events at The Shindy such as baby showers, birthdays, graduations, floral workshops, dinner parties, art gallery pop ups, and we recently celebrated our Grand Opening.

What makes The Shindy special?

The Shindy is the perfect local event space for a wide array of shindigs and shenanigans, and was created to be a local gathering space for the community. Through art galleries, celebrations, wine tastings, networking events, and more, we hope to bring like minded people in the community together.

Learn more about The Shindy HERE and check out this incredible new space by emailing: hello@theshindy.co. Follow them on instagram HERE.

The Shindy is operated by Rachelle Doreen Events and Exploration.

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Introducing – The Shindy

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