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New Partnership: Kismet Hamptons

At Rachelle Doreen Events and Exploration, we are always looking for new locations that will provide unique and interesting experiences. Recently, we were fortunate enough to partner up with a beautiful new space called Kismet Hamptons. Kismet Hamptons is a beautiful and whimsical house located in East Hampton that boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two steam rooms, lounge, game room, barn, outdoor dance floor with a pergola, pool, jacuzzi, and so much more. Rachelle was more than excited to share some more about Kismet with us:

How did you get involved with Kismet?

The owner of Kismet has become a longtime client and dear friend. During COVID I reached out to check in, and then we got to talking about how to share Kismet with the world. 

Formal Dining Room

What types of events can be held at Kismet?

Kismet is perfect for intimate affairs: dinner parties, small weddings, photo shoots, retreats or workaways. 

What is your favorite part of the house?

Well that is a hard one because I love it all but I would say the barn is so unique and inviting. It is a great place to enjoy outdoors in a fun and funky environment. Also, the bathtubs are pretty fantabulous. 

The Barn

Is there anyone you are excited to collaborate with at Kismet?

I am in talks with a few people but I would love to pull in Party by Numbers, Gibney Dance, Cinereal Productions, Revolve, SweetHeartsNYC, The Eleven, Gawd Everyone.

What is unique about Kismet?

Kismet isn’t like all the other Hamptons Home, It’s a Cool Home. No, but really. It is like nothing I have seen. From the second you walk in the door you take off on a little adventure. 

What else can people do nearby while staying at Kismet?

Kismet is a bike ride or a short walk from the famous Georgica Beach. Longhouse Reserve has to be one of my favorite hidden gems and the perfect complement to your stay at Kismet, as it mirrors the Alice and Wonderland feel. At every turn, there is something extraordinary to discover.

Other favorites:

What is included when renting the house?

Ones stay includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two sitting rooms, one dining room, one living room, one family room, a large backyard with a deck, barn and pool. Also available is a chef, groceries, housekeeper, bikes, beach pass, concierge services, event planning services, and more. 

Kismet Hamptons Living Room

We can’t wait for you to experience kismet with us at Kismet Hamptons. To inquire, click here.

Follow the journey and learn more…

  • Website | Kismet Hamptons
  • Instagram | @kismet_hamptons
  • Facebook | @KismetHamptons

“The Jusher” was originally published in HC&G (Hamptons Cottages & Gardens), and on cottagesgardens.com.





New Partnership: Kismet Hamptons

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