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Highlight of the month: Cinereal Productions

At RDEE, we love partnering with fellow artists and creatives, and Cinereal Productions has been a long-time friend and inspiration of ours. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working alongside them on some of their groundbreaking immersive productions, including Chimera and The Unbrunch. Read below to hear how Director’s Billy Bell and Devin Compton began their journey, and what they have been up to lately with the launch of The Acey Deucey Club.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Cinereal Productions:

“Cinereal” relates to the grey matter part of the brain. Grey matter processes information in the brain and directs sensory responses within the central nervous system, allowing for visceral reactions to outside stimuli. Founded in 2016, Cinereal Productions is a multi-disciplinary firm focused on creating captivating work that commands attention and provokes thought. We aim to activate the audience and create experiential art that induces physical reactions. With a mixed background including dance and theater, scriptwriting and interior architecture and design, Cinereal merges disciplines to develop unique works of art. Our goal is to shake things up- we aim to discover new sectors in which artists can continue to create, whilst ensuring they get fair credit for those creations. By merging theater and experience design, we’re working to generate new forms of storytelling that are both innovative and commercially appealing.

What have been some of your favorite events to produce?

Our first public immersive show, The Unbrunch, which ran from January-November 2019, has been our favorite large-scale production; We have a soft spot for Chimera, a series of bespoke events with Rachelle Doreen Events; and we have some very exciting events on the horizon that we are looking forward to sharing very soon!

What is one of your favorite destinations to bring your experiences?

NYC and LA continue to be our favorite destinations for immersive shows and events. We always find the most incredible artists and companies to collaborate with on the coasts! In the near future, we are excited to be expanding into and exploring European markets.

When COVID restrictions lift, what is an event you are looking forward to producing?

We are currently in pre-production for a multi-city run of our newest immersive show The Acey Deucey Club, created in collaboration with Fever, as well as some exciting projects in The Netherlands we are thrilled to announce soon!

Have you been able to start any projects or implement any creative changes to accommodate the recent COVID mandates?

We created a 6-episode Virtual Cocktail Class in collaboration with Fever; designed the finale installation for the popular drive-through experience The Happy Place in LA; and we have created a modular design for branded events that allows guests to travel through an experience while maintaining public health safety protocols and social distancing. In these times, we believe that it’s important to remain flexible and look at each constraint not as a restriction but as an opportunity to discover a new way of presenting experiences and events.

Cinereal Productions continues to leave us speechless with their ability to take an idea and dream up an experience, and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. From intimate parties to immersive theatre, virtual or live, let us help you bring your wildest ideas to life.

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Highlight of the month: Cinereal Productions

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