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Music is the soundtrack to any successful event, and Jarrell Entertainment will curate your perfect line-up from beginning to end. From lights to sound systems and playlists to live entertainment, Jarrell will create the details to bring any crowd to life. While physical gatherings are postponed, Our team has collaborated with Jarrell Entertainment, INFLYT, and We Will Gather Co to launch a series of monthly virtual dance parties- and you are invited to put on your dance pants and join the fun. In the meantime, read below to learn more about Founder, Ray Jarrell, and the story behind his company.

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Jarrell Entertainment:

I started my creative career as an actor on the stage and then moved into acting in the film medium. I was co-starring in a film and unfortunately the producers treated the talent poorly by not communicating or organizing well which seemed to be the norm. On set, I decided to prove to myself that producers did not have to be negative influences and talent could be treated respectfully while still being held accountable for their work by producing and directing the next film I was involved in. I found that I needed more funding to produce my films and underwrite our attendance at festivals in order to create more opportunity so I started performing on stage as a DJ for luxury private events around the globe. I loved spinning for audiences and as I did it more clients asked for more entertainment ideas, so the inspiration to launch Jarrell Entertainment evolved organically. As the company grew I realized I was back in the position of producing but this time it was for live events. My bands and DJ artists were on the stage and I as the creative CEO I realized there was a need again for talented artists to be treated well and also pushed to create extraordinary experiences for our clients. We are inspired everyday to create entertainment that pushes the limits and satisfies the base hunger for having an incredible time celebrating life

What have been some of your favorite events to produce?

I get this question a lot. I always respond by saying ‘a room filled with an audience that likes to have fun’. My artists and I always perform at a high level which creates an atmosphere where it’s easy to have a kick ass time!I co-host an annual #summerparty with Katie Fischer Design and we go all out! Katie sets the tone early on by creating an incredible experience through the invitation medium. The first year we hosted it was agonizing because we had no idea if anyone would show up. It was being held at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn – which can be considered a trek for some planners and others from our industry. Anne Kilcullen from Blade had designed such a magical environment for our guests which included a really cool speaker wall. We brought in 2 talented DJ artists to spin only vinyl and we surprised the 250 close industry friends with a performance by the Black Sheep. It was off the chain fun! Another favorite of mine is spinning in Lake Como. It’s simply a magical destination. There is something about the environment there that creates an energy of love and happiness. I played an after-party for a client at the Villa d’Este and we brought in gold speakers handmade by K-Array near Florence. The sound, the environment, the audience – it was a brilliant celebration that went into the wee hours. Spinning in Lake Como is magical. There is something about the environment there that creates an energy of love and happiness. I played for a client at the Villa d’Este. It was an after-party and my team brought in gold speakers handmade by K-Array near Florence. The sound, the environment, the audience – it was such a brilliant celebration that went into the wee hours.

What is one of your favorite destinations to visit, either for work or pleasure?

I love to travel, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion. Traveling for work requires a lot of thoughtful planning and we ensure the finished project for our clients exceeds their expectations. Choosing a favorite destination is a difficult choice, but this coincides with one of my favorite events where I performed with my DJ Hybrid band Evolution. We played for an awesome couple and their high energy friends and family! Their wedding was on the beach of the Solaz Resort in Cabo, Mexico the last day before the lockdown in the US. From the ground up, Elena Damy’s team designed, built and created an epic open air celebration space on the beach that flowed from a ceremony in the sand to an epic dance party. Other than it having to end it was the perfect night! Personally I enjoy visiting properties that are unique in perspective, are sustainable in nature, have a healing nature, embrace local culture and of course have a music element. Habitas in Tulum, the Rockhouse in Jamaica, The Standard in Miami, The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Monteverdi Tuscany…to name a few.

When COVID restrictions lift, what is a destination you are excited to visit? Or an event you are looking forward to producing?

Ireland’s been at the top of my list forever and I just always put it off. I think one lesson I’ve taken from the past year is that time is an incredibly precious resource and you aren’t always free to do whatever you want with it. And of course I’m excited to take the show we’ve built in this virtual world and move it to the stage! The plan with my producers is to find a proper theatre as soon as restrictions lift and weave the virtual show into the stage production. There’s going to be elements from the former that play into and pay off in the latter which is something that hasn’t really been done before and I’m really excited to see it come to life.I’m so excited to host our next BCF Fundraiser and WeGive Day, hopefully, early next year fingers crossed. Both events allow us to connect with our community, raise awareness about our mission, and see the impact firsthand our WeCare Packages can have on a patient’s journey.I am a glass half full person and next year feels hopeful. On my bucket list for next year is Machu Picchu. I feel it calling to me. Last year I saw a need for new acts in our market, so I curated a new dance band called The Concepts. They are very talented musicians, they bring it on the stage and are genuinely nice people. This ideology is what my company is based on. Sara Kovel Events recognized this and booked them for a wedding next year in The Cape. The property is perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean and it is going to be a very special celebration. We have a lot of elements that my team is going to bring together for the evening including an after-party surrounded by bon-fires. I have to say it- it is going to be on fire.

Have you been able to start any projects or implement any creative changes to accommodate new COVID mandates?

There was a little of that in the beginning. Trying to figure out how to do shows with masks on or from 6′ away. But at least for myself, it felt pretty clear pretty quickly that the risk is just going to be too high for the foreseeable future to justify live shows. I’m a big believer that trying to do everything is a good way to not really master anything, so I really just focused on this virtual show and trying to do something that I wasn’t seeing done in that space. Yes absolutely. We’ve made significant changes to the way we fundraise for THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser. With in-person events on hold for the foreseeable future, we had to go back to the drawing board and start thinking more outside the box on ways to virtually fundraise. Over the last 6 months, we’ve hosted numerous digital fundraisers, one being 5K 5GRAND 5FRIENDS where we encouraged our community to get moving, tag 5 friends and donate to THE BCF. This was a really fun event and a great way for participants to get outdoors and be active during a time when so many of us had been stuck indoors and in quarantine. It has always been important to us at Jarrell Entertainment to give back to organizations that have missions that support noble causes. We were recently part of the LIVE coalition education effort led by Make It Happen Management by David Landgraf and Tara Consolati Events in the Berkshires. They brought together a fabulous team that created / filmed a socially distant hybrid party, so that we show what was possible and also support the efforts of the Live Collation. I cannot wait to see the video and the positive impact of the team’s efforts. Supporting live events has been a passion for our community, so we can all stay in business and continue to do great things for our clients. This summer we partnered with Blue Hill at Stone Barn to curate live musicians and smaller bands to accommodate the smaller weddings and celebrations. Even small intimate parties should be celebrated with live music!

We love opportunities to collaborate with musicians and entertainers, and hope you will let loose with us this Wednesday at 8pm EST! Message us for Zoom Login information.

Let us help you plan the details of your next celebration, and until then, let’s dance like nobody’s watching.

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Be entertained virtually anywhere

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