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Highlight Of The Month: Mentalist, Jason Suran

Meet Jason Suran, a New York based performer, who has been entrancing his audience for years with the art of magic, mind-reading, and story-telling. This immersive psychological experience is guaranteed to make your head spin, and is now available to you from the comfort of your home. Read below to hear from Jason about his virtual show, Reconnected, and let us help you bring the entertainment to your next event.

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Reconnected:

“Reconnected” was inspired by the kind of intimate parlor shows I’d already done for years around New York City. I really cut my teeth performing at private events but primarily by doing these intimate shows in people’s living rooms, around fireplaces, that sort of thing. The thing about zoom is that it has much more in common with those experiences than it did with say stage shows in a theatre. As for the script and content of the show, a lot of that is just based on my own experiences over the past year and the weird reality that for possibly the first time in our lifetime, everyone on earth is going through the same prolonged experienced together.

What is the mission of the show?

Our goal was to build a show from the ground up that didn’t feel like it had just been cut and pasted from the stage onto a zoom call. We wanted to lean into the fact that we’re all going through this weird time and take advantage of what’s GREAT about zoom calls. The fact, for example, that everyone is in their own house actually makes the show a lot more intimate. Not to mention reading minds is much easier when you have a camera just inches from people’s faces!

What have been some of your favorite events to be a part of?

We’ve been lucky to do the show now over 250 times including for major tech companies like facebook and Apple but the most rewarding gigs have probably been the ones where my family gets to attend. My sister works for the National Academy of Sciences and lives in DC so she rarely has seen my show but because everything is virtual I was able to do a show for her and her colleagues right from Brooklyn. I’m truly blown away by how far away our audiences can be now.

What is one of your favorite destinations to visit?

Oh Italy, without a doubt. There’s something baked into the culture that I find extremely calming. There’s an appreciation over there for simple pleasures like food, wine, and family, regardless of whatever else is going on the world. I’m always at my happiest when I’m there.

When COVID restrictions lift, what is a destination you are excited to visit?

Ireland’s been at the top of my list forever and I just always put it off. I think one lesson I’ve taken from the past year is that time is an incredibly precious resource and you aren’t always free to do whatever you want with it. And of course I’m excited to take the show we’ve built in this virtual world and move it to the stage! The plan with my producers is to find a proper theatre as soon as restrictions lift and weave the virtual show into the stage production. There’s going to be elements from the former that play into and pay off in the latter, which is something that hasn’t really been done before, and I’m really excited to see it come to life.

Have you been able to start any projects or implement any creative changes to accommodate new COVID mandates?

There was a little of that in the beginning. Trying to figure out how to do shows with masks on or from 6′ away. But at least for myself, it felt pretty clear pretty quickly that the risk is just going to be too high for the foreseeable future to justify live shows. I’m a big believer that trying to do everything is a good way to not really master anything so I really just focused on this virtual show and trying to do something that I wasn’t seeing done in that space.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Jason both behind-the-scenes, and as a member of his audience, and are thrilled to see this intimate experience come to life in a virtual space. Snag your tickets here, or bring the show to your next private event!

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Highlight Of The Month: Mentalist, Jason Suran

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