OCTober20-October 25|2024

Restorative yoga warms up our body for our aerial performance day in which we share all that we’ve learned. Your body has worked hard over the week and deserves a spa day; let’s revel in an afternoon of personalized massages, facials, and a local Temezcal experience before wrapping up the week with some farewell drinks, gift bags, and reflection.

Yin yoga and an aerial practice focused on flexibility and flow will start off the day before a golden hour photoshoot to immortalize your adventure and the new skills you’ve acquired. Then let’s center and calm the mind with a special evening meditation and sound bath with a focus on Kundalini breath work. followed by fireside tea and chat and with your new friends. Take the night to yourself at the resort’s treehouse, sauna, or meditative spaces.

After a Vinyasa session to loosen up our energy, our aerial class will focus on performance skill building and expressing character and creativity through movement. After some sun bathing and pool time, we’ll hop on the resort bikes for a quick ride into Tulum town. A quiet girls night in a charming taqueria, a trip to local shops for essential oils, or a spontaneous night of dancing? Maybe all of it? Get to know the culture of your surroundings and perhaps get to know yourself better within it.


Five days of Exploration and Connection

A wellness treat for your
body, mind, and soul.

A retreat is a time away from your daily routine to relax and reset. Its an enriching getaway that provides a safe sanctuary to allow for a holistic check in and a renewal of self. An opportunity for deeper physical and emotional growth through withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Join Bliss Flo Sol for 6 days and 5 nights of exploration.

Bliss Flo Sol goes so much further than this. Our retreats are first and foremost a time for comprehensive wellness, growth, connection, and rejuvenation. They are catalyzed by a passion for wanderlust and adventure, they thrive through exploration of how the natural world around us can affect growth in us, they are enhanced by the focus and drive that comes from skill shaping and the pursuit of learning.

Expert instructors offer daily workshops and masterclasses to further your athleticism and artistry through different styles of aerial and yoga practice, local connections take you to natural wonders that will inspire and awe, and a carefully curated schedule of wellness activities and bespoke local experiences come together to create an unforgettable journey abroad.

Each retreat we create is a culmination of months of planning to supply you with not only an internal sense of restoration, perspective, community, and a sense of presence; but also tangible takeaways like aerial choreography and conditioning tools, photoshoots, intention setting guidelines and authentic experiences that will push your boundaries.


5 Nights at Holistika- A Jungle Boutique HOtel
Daily Breakfast 
WElcome Dinner & Ceremony
Morning Meditations
Daily YOga 
Daily Aerial Classes 
Optional Jungle Photo Shoot 
Beach Day & Jungle Activities
Captivating Cenotes Excursion 
Roundtrip airport Transportation *designated times

What's Included

Located in the middle of the jungle, the retreat center offers all the benefits that being surrounded by nature provides. In conjunction with all its spaces, yoga classes, daily activities, and magical people and teachers, it is the perfect place to disconnect from distractions, and reconnect with yourself


Holistika Tulum


Rachelle has always lived an active life filled with fitness, travel and work work work. In 2012, her career advanced very quickly and she was in search of a way to manage the stress and minimize her anxiety. She quickly fell in love with aerial arts because it forced her to slow down and be fully present in each moment, at least for an hour or two.

Over the years her aerial practice has allowed her to create, teach, release and find her flow. Always a yoga lover, she decided to pursue her yoga certification to gain a better understanding of her body, alignment and foundation on the ground, so that she could translate it in the air. 

Being an avid traveler and an event planner with over 20 years of experience, it felt natural to combine her talents and passions - travel, planning, fitness. In 2019, she planned to host her first retreat in Costa Rica in July of 2020 and her second in Spain in October of 2020 but 2020 had other plans. She is thrilled to finally have the opportunity in 2024 to share this experience with you and looks forward to more to come. 

Rachelle Doreen Koser

Autumn Melody Thomas

Autumn's artistry and athleticism has taken her to over 50 countries. She has performed across the European Cabaret and Variety circuit, graced some famous venues for high end corporate performances such as Superbowl LVII and the Golden Globes Theatre, headlined cruise ships and casinos with a show she co-wrote and produced, and completed many national/international tours and long term production shows abroad. 

Her performance and instruction style focus on releasing inhibitions, letting go of trying to fit your art and passion into a specific industry standard or popular opinion. Purpose-driven and passionate practice leads to the most authentic products. She provides challenging technique, strength, and flexibility aerial sessions, with an overarching through line of helping you locate the reason you do aerial in the first place and letting that inform your movements and the energy you are putting out into the world around you. While she prides herself on introducing unique styles and combos, her top priority is always being a supportive and uplifting presence to those she works with in class and on retreats. Travel and learning from the environment around her is tantamount, so she is excited to share her love of aerial and traveling with you simultaneously!

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